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Serenity Circles

Monthly Gatherings for Healing, Harmony, and Inner work

Serenity massage & Energywork Dap Spa presents - Serenity Circles. We invite you to join our nurturing community in a monthly exploration of healing, harmony, and inner work. Guided by Rev. J. Maya Ravensong-Lawrence, each gathering offers a sacred space to cultivate serenity within, enriched with the transformative energy of shamanic practices, drumming, chanting, the resonating hum of singing bowls, and guided journeys that lead us to the core of our being. Afterward, we'll gather for a soothing tea ceremony, allowing the shared experience to linger and deepen. Let the Serenity Circles be your haven for shadow-work, connection, and the continual unfolding of your inner potential. Join us- you are so very welcome in this space. $30 per person. Attendance is limited to 9 participants each month. Sessions last 1.5 hours Next Session is January 25th at 7pm. January Circle - New Beginnings: while we are in the dark time of the year, it is the perfect opportunity to embrace the energies a new year has for a fresh start. This month we will journey to let go of the past and focus on what we need moving forward to set intentions for the year ahead and foster a sense of renewal.


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