We looking for  
Licensed Massage Therapists
to add to our growing clinic

Would you like to be valued in your profession?
Have you been searching for a work environment that actually CARES about you?

Come work for us at Serenity Massage & Energywork LLC.

We offer:

  • EXCELLENT pay scales- one of the best in the business. 

  • Fantastic benefits including paid time off, profit sharing, health insurance, retirement plans with employer contributions, bonuses and more.

  • Great location in downtown Council Bluffs inside the US Bank building.

  • Spacious rooms – just waiting for you to add your energy.

  • No conveyor belt here! We know that in order to provide the BEST massage to EACH client- our therapists need time between each client to breathe, drink some water, clean the room properly, do their notes etc. That’s why there is 30 minutes between each client 

  • All supplies provided

  • IA License renewal fee paid for Full Time Employees. Part time is also paid if employee scheduled AT LEAST 10 hours per week. 

  • Liability insurance premium PAID as long as you are an employee. 

  • Free Training/Continuing Education FREE CEU hours (including hands on) for Full and Part Time Employees 


Job Requirements:

·        Provide Massage, bodywork and or energywork to clients in modalities the therapist is trained in.

·        Greet clients.

·        Answer phone with scripted opening if front desk employee is not there

·        Book sessions in person and over the phone.

·        Educate clients on products and services.

·        Check out clients.

·        At checkout, ask clients if they want to rebook with their therapist.

·        Promote current sales and offers to clients checking out.

·        Give feedback form to clients and file it when they are done.

·        Follow Cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

·        Clean equipment as needed : Hot-stones, Oil bowls, Bamboo rollers, Scrub brushes etc

·        Clean any spills.

·        Offer water/tea to clients at the end of their session.

·        Track sales and inventory levels on sheet provided.

·        Keep checkout area clean and clutter free.

·        Enter SOAP NOTES into the system for each client seen that day before your shift ends. 


·        We are looking for 1-2 full time therapists and 2-3 part-time therapists.(depending on how may hours the first 1 or 2 choose) 

·        We will be open from 9:30 am to 9:30pm. Mon- Sat and 10am to 8pm on Sun.

·        First person gets their pick of hours.

·        The Fulltime therapist will set their schedule. Full time is at LEAST 30 clock hours per week and schedule open for at least 25 massages per week·


This is an HOURLY position- even when not booked. Same hourly rate- EVERY hour.

It is about time LMT's are paid properly. 

Yearly salary range for FULL-TIME from $25,920 to $48,000 - depending on experience and modalities known. 

Yearly salary range for PART-TIME from $8,640 to $27,840 - depending hours, experience, and modalities known. 


Will reimburse for IOWA License after 6 months of full-time work. 

Why are we not offering bonuses like other massage Clinics? They are offering you the bonus to get you n the door. Their pay scale sucks- always has. Their conveyor belt style of booking sucks for the therapist's career length- always has- but you HAVE to work like that their in order to make decent $$. They know this.

So they offer a bonus to get you on board, don't pay it out for 3-6 months and you are stuck with sucky wages. After the bonus is paid your average pay DOES go up for that time period you worked, but... then what? No more bonus ( I mean the $1.75 per massage bonus every 3 months if you meet their criteria AND the clients happen to fill out enough feedback forms is okay but it STILL is not where you deserve to be making)

I worked for several places like what I describe above (and one Chiropractic office that was worse) and when I opened Serenity Massage & Energywork, I knew that when I hired employees, I wanted the environment to be one that therapists bragged about working for. The pay is excellent. Unlike some other places, I do not need to make a bazillion dollars off your labor. I will make some, but YOU make a better wage than almost any other employer provides. I want your career to LAST which is why there is 30 mins between clients- We are HEALERS - HOW can we do that if we are run ragged? There is PTO- even for part time people, there is profit sharing, bonuses (even for front desk people), other great benefits and an attendance policy that does not fault you for multiple days in a row and DOES NOT require a doctors note.


I DO expect some things: a good work ethic, loyalty, and a dedication to the client that includes being present and LISTENING to them. No cookie cutter massages here.

What you get in return is not just a workplace, but a home and community with wages you can have a good life with.

If you share our dedication to helping people Be Well, we'd like to get to know you better. - ~Julia

A personal note from the owner- Rev. Julia Lawrence: I am grateful you took the time to read all this and for your interest in joining our clinic. This is a small, family owned clinic which values the importance of having an extraordinary team represent our brand and give exceptional service to our clients.


We know the therapist is the most important part of any massage clinic- that’s why we offer one of the best pay scales and benefits in the business: to attract and keep the best therapists out there, who share our ideals and passion about wellness, massage and progressive work environments.

**Background checks will be done on license, criminal record and previous employment.**


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