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Discover our exclusive protocols meticulously crafted to enhance your session, offering a heightened realm of relaxation and self-care. Choose from a variety of enrichments to elevate your experience to unparalleled heights. Layering  enrichments that are the same scent or are a complement each other can intensify the overall effect.
From $10 to $30


 oil is used on 1-2 areas throughout the session. 

Focused Hot Stones

Hot stones applied to one area on the body (on top of a towel with your choice of placement) to 'bake' that area for 10 minutes. This helps move blood into the area, relaxing muscles for a deeper massage without any force. Feels oh so good and relieving stress as well.

Aromatherapy Enrichment

Customized essential oil blend- you choose is applied to the body during the massage session.  During the session your therapist will ask you to breathe in through your nose helping to induce a deeper relaxation response. A hot towel is used on the back to open up the pores and blend is used throughout the session. 
$10 Fibro Blend $15



Choose Scented or Unscented salt or sugar scrubs for Hands, Feet, back or any combination of those- helps slough away dead skin, is deeply hydrating and can help with cracked skin prevention. $10 to $21

Deep Pressure

Add on this enrichment to any 1 hour session and your therapist will apply appropriate deep pressure.
Available only for Deep Tissue therapists.

Hot Oil Scalp Massage 

Warmed Jojoba, Rose-hip, Olive and Evening Primrose oils nourishes the hair roots and scalp. Can have a beneficial impact on hair and scalp health, stress release and relief of headaches. Choose from Unscented or Scented: Vanilla Bourbon, Tangerine Dream, Honey Magnolia and cinnamon spice and Everything Nice 
$10 to $13

Facial Massage

Address the skin and muscle tissues of the face and neck using hot towels, FarmHouse Fresh cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, using specific massage strokes and a cool towel at the end to reduce puffiness. 

Deep Percussion Gun Enrichment

Deep Tissue Percussion can relieve muscle soreness, stiffness, and promotes circulation. From 1200 RPM t0 3200 RPM the high intensity vibrations really get into those extra tight muscles helping to soften bundles (knots) and release of tension.

Detoxifying Foot Soak Enrichment Ritual

Before your massage, this ritual starts with soaking in your choice our our Mineral soaks from FarmHouse Fresh in our vibrational foot bath with crystals. Next your feet are exfoliated using our signature sugar scrub, followed by EnrichMINT foot rescue mask from FarmHouse Fresh. This is especially great for tired feet, calloused & chapped skin.
adds 20 minutes to your session

Pain Reliving Muscle Treatment

Hot and cold stones are alternatively used on specific area of the body that is holding tension, has adhesion's or are painful along with warming oil and biofreeze. This application causes muscle confusion and most often leads to release. Highly effective.

 Sound Therapy

A Vibrational healing modality that uses singing bowls. Sound has the ability to positively affect our whole being. Can help blocked energy move toward the energetic filtration system of each chakra, so that the stuck energy can be recycled back into our life force. Facilitates balance, deep relaxation, inner peace, and harmony.

Crystal Therapy

Wondering about crystals but don't want to invest in a whole session yet? This is for you! The use of Crystals in combination with massage during the session to energetically help the body to promote healing. Each stone - unique in shape, color, size and energy, has its own vibration.

Pain Reliving Muscle Treatment

Sundae Best Chocolate CoQ10 Mask is a skin softener, wrinkle defender and skin revitalizer + Chocolate Fig Recovery Serum which is a ultra-hydrating, antioxidant and nutrient cocktail that glides over skin and thoroughly absorbs. Finishing with Tangerine Dream body oil for a glowy, radiant appearance.

Checkout our Seasonal Menu that has Seasonal enrichments available for a limited time like Vanilla Pumpkin Potion Foot Soak Enrichment Ritual - Fall $30

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