The Fine Details


We have TWO styles of memberships. One for people who like being billed monthly, and one for those that do not.

Each gives a discount off our regular massage prices. One has a 6month long contract, the other is good for 3 months.

Here are the details

You sign up for a 3 MONTH,  membership for $40. 

From that point on until your membership expires, massages are discounted 20%.

If you only did 1 massage per month it saves you (including the membership fee) $2.00 total over the 3 months. If you use it more than once a month, that's when your savings really start to show. For instance if you booked a massage every 3 weeks, in 3 months you would had 4 massages. Your savings would be $16. This plan encourages regular massages as the more often you are seen, the higher your savings - all without signing a contract, worrying about unused massages etc. No limit on how often you can book, it does not auto renew, there is no contract, you simply pay in advance to have access to discounted sessions. No need to cancel as you are not billed monthly. The more massages you get, the better the savings. 


Sign up for a 6 month membership where you are charged monthly for $59. This is a contract. You get 1 (one) 60 minute massage for that charge. Additional sessions during that month are at 15% off- unlimited. This includes all entire menu of one hour, 90 minute and 2 hours sessions. This does NOT stack with other other offers. You will always be charged the lower price- the membership price or the sale price for additional sessions. Sessions ARE transferable for a $5 fee- no limitation


If you cancel before the end of your six months, you will be charged the difference between what you paid for any massages you have received and their full price.


At the end of your 6 month contract, you can opt in to continue your membership on a month to month basis, cancelling at anytime without the penalty of paying the difference between membership price and full price.


Sessions roll over for one billing cycle to the next- one time only. If you have 2 sessions on file that have not been used, you will be given until your next billing date to use them. Once you have 3 sessions on file, your account is suspended for up to 60 days until you have used the sessions on file. If at the end of 60 days you have not used your sessions, your contract is terminated, you will be issued Gift Certificate for the amount of money you had paid for the sessions left on file, minus the difference between the membership price and the full price.

Why choose us over a national chain? 
*You get 10 minutes more each session- your consultation and dressing time are NOT a part of your 60 minute session. Provided you are not late, you get 60 minutes on the table. 
*Sessions never 'go away' while membership is active
*Earn Points from family and friends that sign up for a membership!
Each person you refer, that signs up for a Monthly Wellness Membership, gives you 500 in points! That is half the price of a one hour session or a free 30 minute upgrade! Refer people for our 3 Month Plan and get 100 points!


Head Massage

3 month Healthy Plan

$40 to sign up then

20% off Massages for 3 months

Back Massage

Monthly Wellness Plan

billed $59 per month

gets 1 60 minute massage per month plus 20% off other services.