The Fine Details


Memberships at Serenity massage & Energywork Day Spa are different from other massage and wellness clinics. You sign up for a 3 MONTH, 6 MONTH, YEARLY or LIFETIME membership for a fee. You are charged ONCE.


From that point on until their membership expires (if it does) massages are at the discounted rate for your plan.

Gone are the days of being charged a monthly fee that you may forget about and acquiring a bunch of massages that you have paid for but will never use. 


It does not auto renew, there is no contract, you simply pay in advance to have access to discounted sessions and for some memberships levels: retail. You cannot cancel as you pay only once. The more massages you get, the better the savings. 

3 month Healthy Plan


20% off Massages for 3 months

6 month Be Well Plan


25% off massages for 6 months. 

Yearly Wellness Plan


25% off all massages PLUS 1 free gift certificate to someone else per year and 5% off retail Sales excluded

Lifetime Wellness Plan


30% off massages PLUS get 1 free gift certificates for someone else per year and 10% off retail - including sale items! When your first year is up- you will NOT be charged. We handle this in house. This is a LIFETIME membership and you will be charged only once for $500.00