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Seasonal Menu- Spring
Feb 1st 2023 - April 30th 2023

These delicious, skin drenching, body relaxing treatments only come around once a year. Once the season has changed- so do the treatments! This ensure an ever changing and unique menu to choose from- never the same ole same ole!

All products are either small batch- made in house or are high-end products form Farmhouse Fresh- ensuring their quality. 


Turn back the hands of time! Green tea cleanser reveals a clean slate! A spritz of Vitamin Berry toner & then a natural plant -based exfoliator called Timescape® unveils silky smooth skin underneath. Let the feel of firm takeover as Mighty Brightly mask tightens & brightens winters skin, A hand massage with our Fresh Melon body butter while the mask sits, then Eternal Light illuminating serum. Next, ageless face cream hydrates & combats wrinkles. End with an application of Crow Catcher eye serum. $70

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Spring dew leaf sm.jpg

Spring Renewal

Let your mind unwind as your back is painted with our Pajama Paste® mask & your legs massaged with Honey Magnolia oil. Then Whipped Honey Sea Salt Scrub to feet leaves your skin feeling as fresh as a flower. Once face up, hands & feet are treated with Pajama Paste®, a succulent yogurt, honey and oat mask that will quench your skin’ s deepest thirst & then wrapped up in a steaming lavender hibiscus hot towels. Prepare for a gloriously fragrant massage & instantly soothing Honey-Magnolia Oil. $120

Lavender, rosemary and lemongrass salt scrub on back, hands, and feet to slough off winters dry skin. Next, White Tea & Cherry Blossom hot towel compress & Honey Heel Glaze to hydrate the feet. Harvest Green Shea body butter from Farmhouse Fresh is used throughout the session to really soak in moisture. Ending with a facial massage using green tea cleanser, coconut facial toner and kale water moisturizer. $120

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