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We are Back!

What a year it has been. Closing. Opening. Closing again.. It has been stressful for us all. I have received my 1st COVID19 vaccine shot last month and my second one is scheduled for the 6th. My VERY high risk husband has just received his 1st shot.

With that, it means it is time to fully reopen. While the variants out there may cause closing in the future, it is my hope that people will continue to wear masks, wash hands and social distance and the variants will not take hold in any community.

An Exciting Time for Us!!

This is also an exciting time for us here at Serenity massage & Energywork LLC in that we are hiring 1 full Time Massage Therapist and 1-2 Part Time Massage Therapists!!

We are one of the highest rated clinics in the council Bluffs/Omaha Metro area and we want to keep it that way. Which means anyone we hire is going to special and LOVE what they do.

To support that end we have one of the most generous pay scales in the business. We want to honor the labor efforts our massage therapists expend by paying them well- very well.

Many clinics see their employees as a means of revenue only. We do not feel that way. We will make less money off their labor so THEY can have a quality career. One where they don't have to work as a conveyor belt to make a good living. Happier therapists make better therapists.


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