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No Knots November!

November unfolds as a bustling month, teeming with family gatherings, quality time with friends, the demands of school and after-school activities, the inevitable yard work, the early stirrings of holiday celebrations, and the onset of the holiday shopping frenzy. Though we cherish these moments and people, the cumulative effect can often manifest as stress and tension.

So, what's our solution? Welcome to "No Knots November," the annual launch of our Winter Seasonal Menu! This menu is from Nov 1 2023 to January 31st 2024. Below, you'll discover our offerings for this wintry season, featuring exclusive selections on sale this month, as well as exciting new products. Additionally, we've included a brief note about our cancellation policy. Join us in banishing those knots from November, and let us help you unwind and rejuvenate! Checkout the entire Winter Menu Below

November Specials

Bourbon Glazed Massage 1 hour Relaxation at last! 1 hour massage with Vanilla Bourbon body oil, chock-full of omega fatty acids, helps eliminate those knots and gives respite to tired muscles and joints. Then, an aloe vera & wildflower honey glaze to hands and feet caps off this tension easing massage for lasting nourishment. reg $100 - 20% off for November use code NOKNOTS at checkout.

Buttered Rum Massage 90 min Massage with hot stones, foot scrub, chocolate softening mask to the feet and back finishing with Creme Brulee' infused towels to moisturize and soothe. Tired feet, and tense muscles are a thing of the past. This buttery-rich treatment finishes with a sweet cinnamon massage using hot stones to the back of the body and Red Hot Shandy Body Oil created to spice up your holiday and deliver vitamin-packed nutrients to the deepest layers of winter-parched skin. Sit down, and drink up this sinful pampering! Reg $170 - 20% off for November use code NOKNOTS at checkout

New Products!

We're excited to introduce our new candle collection! After an extensive search, we've found a fantastic supplier offering high-quality candles at affordable prices. Our candles are designed to be accessible to everyone. Explore our Gemstone candles, with intentions linked to the embedded stones, Reiki candles infused with universal life energy for Healing, Good health, Courage, Peace, and more, in both pillar and votive forms. We also offer mini taper candles for meditation and rituals- perfect as a compliment to energywork.

Cancellation Policy

Now, let's address our cancellation policy with transparency. As therapists, our livelihood relies directly on our clients and the services we offer. Without a cancellation policy and deposits, we would forfeit a significant portion of our daily income—this simply isn't sustainable. We understand the frustration that can arise when you unexpectedly need to cancel at the last minute, and it might seem unfair for us to retain the deposit you initially paid when scheduling your appointment. However, it's important to clarify why we follow this practice. When you make a booking, you're essentially saying, "I respect your time and expertise as a massage therapist, and I'm willing to make a deposit to secure that time exclusively for myself, preventing others from booking it. I'm aware that unforeseen circumstances can arise, and I may risk losing the deposit if I cancel within 48 hours of the session." This approach allows us to ensure some income for our therapists when sessions are canceled on short notice, as finding a replacement appointment within 48 hours can be challenging. In the event you reschedule instead of cancelling, your deposit is transferred to the new appointment. Our policy stipulates that rescheduling should occur within two weeks of the original session, aiming to keep the income within the same pay period for our therapists. As a gesture of goodwill, we can be flexible regarding the rescheduling timeframe, should it be necessary. Although rescheduling temporarily leaves an open time slot, the new appointment secures our income, assuring that we can continue providing you with our services. We hope this clears up any misunderstandings and makes sure you are aware of this policy. May this Holiday Season be one that brings you joy, peace and that our Winter Seasonal Menu gives some relief from the parts that may not be so ‘full and bright’. See you soon. Be Well ~Maya and the Serenity team.


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