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FarmHouse Fresh

We are so excited to announce out partnership with FarmHouse Fresh. Here is a blurb from their website

We're wellness fanatics. Estheticians, massage therapists, product crafters and farmers. We love smoothies, spa days and the joy that animals bring to our lives. So we built our skincare headquarters to fund and operate our nonprofit farm animal sanctuary. Here at FarmHouse Fresh, our employees care for once-neglected animals and every product you buy helps us help them.

This company surpassed every metric we had when looking for products to use and provide in our Spa. They are Certified Organic, Grown Fresh Daily, Cruelty Free, Made in the USA, they help rescue animals, their products meet our stringent guidelines for ingredients that are good for skin and body, mind and soul.

This is Honey Heel Gloze Serum. not only is it available for purchase at the spa, we are incorporating it into some new treatments! Check out our Fall Into Wellness treatment!


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