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Changes are coming!

Whew! Has 2022 been a year or what? We are so grateful for the love and support from our clients old and new that helped us make this transition from our smaller space to this large spa. EVER so grateful.

As a THANK YOU, we will be having 2 sales - one of Black Friday and one on Cyber Monday, So make sure you are signed up for our emails as these will ONLY go out to our current email subscribers.

Due to the popularity of our Full moon group sessions, we are remolding the front lobby, reception and retail area of the clinic during the last week of December to accommodate more people in these group sessions.

WE WILL BE CLOSED THE ENIRE WEEK from December 26th to January 2nd to facilitate these changes.

As an added bonus to these changes we will be adding more retail space.

Our Consumable Hemp product line is increasing. Some new items we will be stocking include Delta 9 gummies, honey sticks, taffy and more. Another line of CBD products that also has CBG to help with those 'knotty' muscles, nerves and joints.

We will finally carry my favorite brand of Essential Oils- Aura Cacia - in specific scents and blends that traditionally are seen as helping with migraines, pain, anxiety, sleep and over all wellness.

Group sessions will be added throughout 2023 to not only have them on the Full Moon (crystal singing bowls and guided journeys) but also have sessions on the Dark Moon (transformative healing and shadow work), Goddess Dance (connecting with the divine feminine through dance), Summertime sessions held an a separate location in our private pool for floating crystal singing bowl work, and more.

We have hired another LMT- her name is Denise! She has over a decade of experience, has her degree in applied science- massage and is trained in many modalities. Keep an eye out for a special price for your first session with her!

Finally look for a new membership program. We are keeping the no-contract 3 month healthy plan as well, but this new one will be geared towards people who WANT a monthly subscription plan and are willing to sign a year contract to get those massages at VERY reduced prices. More details to come on this in late December as it launches in January 2023.

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