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Boo Well October!

Leaves are starting to fall, crisp air is on the way (a little LATE for me, but Mother Nature has her own schedule) and it's time to focus on Self Care to ease the tension of stress and muscle pain out of the body.

We have TWO specials this month to wrap up our Fall seasonal menu specials.

Both 25% off Spooktacular Facial Massage and Bee Well Earth & Honey massage and spa treatment 90 minute session.

Apply BOO25 at checkout

First up is our Spooktacular Facial Massage 45 min. All of our facial massages focus on the muscles of the face not the skin. This way we ensure an uplifted face, neck & décolleté. A gentle green tea cleanser removes dirt & oil, followed by aronia fruit & rose water tonic to banish the look of pores! This refreshing step is followed by whipped shea butter & sugar microscrub to gently polish & refine. A velvety smooth, cooling active yogurt mask gently tingles, as skin is nourished with raw honey and oats. Next, a power food serum potent with resveratrol - loving vitamins & antioxidants is applied. Then, a rich botanical milk peptide cream begins softening the look of deep wrinkles, while providing a flawlessly hydrated result. A delicious blackberry lip scrub is applied to the lips, followed by blackberry crush lip balm before an eye perfecting serum soothes and reduces the look of pesky crow’ s feet. Finally chocolate fig serum is applied to the décolleté to diminish fine lines and deeply hydrate the skin. Normally $80 on sale for $60. That's 25% off for all of October

Next is our Bee Well Earth & Honey massage and spa treatment 90 minute session. We’ve combined the best of the earth and plants into a total enveloping experience that begins with red Arizona montmorillonite clay and micro pumice that exfoliates back, hands and feet and leaves a smooth, calming feel in its wake. Next, an age-old peat mud nutrient mask envelops those areas with green matcha tea, bioactive organic plant matter and minerals to rapidly bring cool relief to skin irritations. Once “plantifully” treated, crème Brule' infused hot towels wrap you up in steamy goodness to remove the mask and you’re drizzled in a warm honey, aloe and papaya fruit serum that seals in hydration. After an Agave Nectar Oil massage, skin is plump full of moisture and radiantly retaining a youthful, renewed appearance. Normally $170.00 - on sale for $127.50. That's 25% off for all of October! Our seasonal menu changes every season and won’t be back around again until maybe next year- sometimes we don't ever offer them again. So if it sounds divine, get in while you can.

Our students, Kirstin Peyton and Abbey Lovings are at the tail end of the schooling, hard at work with completing their studies, clinical and community service hours. BOTH will be joining our team once they graduate! We are excited to have them be a part of the Serenity family. This means opportunities for couples massage will increase dramatically, availability for massages will increase and gives you an even greater choice in massage style to choose from. Book now to determine who is your favorite while the price is still $50! For student massages, Kistin is available Sundays 12pm to 5pm and Thursdays 12pm to 3pm. Abbey is available Wednesdays and Fridays 230pm to 7pm

As always our goal is to help you feel better, reduce pain, stress, and be a partner in your wellness journey. See you soon

Be Well

~Maya and the Serenity team.


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