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We have received our license from the state of Iowa and are now a Consumable Hemp Retailer and dispensary. This means that not only can we provide the CBD massages we innovated a few years ago, but can now offer top of the line CBD topicals and edibles for you to use at home.

The three brands we are currently working with are Charlotte's Web- the leading brand in the industry and really, they are the ones who started it all. Green Roads Hemp another exemplary brand that has one of its goals being sustainability and eco-conscious practices. and finally CBD Clinic - they are owned by Charlotte's Web and their products are sold exclusively to health care professionals.

We are carrying lotions, balms, roll-ons and oils for topical use and tinctures, oils, and gummies that are edible. Some will help with pain and inflammation, some will help with sleep. They are amazing healers.

Because of Iowa law- all our products will have 0.3% THC or less and therefore cannot make you high but the CBD DOES have an effect on the body that is helpful.

stop by and ask our Wellness Advisors at the front desk how these products can help your situation and/or add CBD to your massage. you will not regret it.

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