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Massage in Omaha Council Bluffs


Omaha Council Bluffs best kept Secret

Hello, I'm Maya, the proud owner of Serenity Massage & Energywork Day Spa. You might be curious about why our name appeared in your search results despite our clinic being across the river. One glance at our Google reviews will provide a clear answer.

Are you tired of the repetitive cycle of visiting massage therapists who seem to tune out your concerns and resort to cookie-cutter routines? I understand that frustration all too well. My training emphasized the profound importance of truly listening, understanding, and addressing your unique experiences. I was taught to ask the pertinent questions, leveraging my full range of skills to provide genuine assistance. My calling is to facilitate genuine well-being, prioritizing quality over quantity in every aspect.

When it comes to selecting our Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs), this commitment to client-centered care remains at the forefront. Each practitioner is meticulously chosen by me, reflecting a deep dedication to your best interests. Prior to their inclusion, I've personally experienced their therapeutic touch—ensuring not just skill, but an innate talent infused with a genuine passion for healing.

While achieving perfection on the first session isn't always guaranteed, our track record speaks for itself. A remarkable success rate attests to our ability to understand your body and its needs. Through open dialogue, we share our findings and insights, crafting a tailored approach that resonates with your unique requirements.

Each person's journey is distinct, replete with individual needs and concerns that demand a personalized touch. This is precisely the approach that guarantees a truly exceptional massage experience—one that we steadfastly uphold.

Our commitment extends beyond promises; it's evident in every session we offer. I invite you to experience firsthand why our 5.0 star Google rating has endured for over 6 years. Take the leap and discover the transformative power of Serenity Massage & Energywork Day Spa.

Reach us at 712 - 256 - 2131 to embark on your journey to genuine well-being.

What is Massage?

Massage therapy is the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, consisting primarily of manual (hands-on) techniques such as applying fixed or movable pressure like kneading, pulling, pressing, holding, stretching, and moving muscles and body tissues.

That definition is very scientific. What it means is that your massage therapist has been trained in different ways (modalities) to move around body tissues to elicit relaxation, reduce stress and help with pain , range of motion and stability.


There is no one method that is better than another for ALL people. There are modalities and techniques to address every kind of body/mind/soul problem. As long as it not contraindicated (not safe due to medicals reasons) you should be able to find at least one technique you love.


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