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Maya Orphem dec 2021


Meet Rev. J. Maya Ravensong-Lawrence (she/they), the visionary CEO of Serenity Massage & Energywork Day Spa. An accomplished and dedicated professional, Maya is not only an expert Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) but also a distinguished Clinical Aromatherapist and a compassionate Death Doula, among other roles.

With a profound commitment to holistic well-being and a diverse skill set, Maya stands as the driving force behind our esteemed brand. Discover the captivating narrative that shapes Maya's journey by delving into her story below.

Be Well

Greetings, I am Rev. J. Maya Ravensong-Lawrence. My journey has led me to wear many roles with pride: Licensed Massage Therapist, ordained Priestess of the Old Gods since 1997, proficient Northern Tradition Shamanic practitioner, seasoned and award winning artist, Reiki master, author, educator, adept ritual facilitator, compassionate death doula, and an Master Clinical Aromatherapist.

My odyssey as an intuitive healer commenced in 1991, guided by the realm of aromatherapy. Over the years, my path evolved, shaping me into a Shamanic Practitioner well-versed in energy work, crystals, sound therapy, and beyond. I was ordained in 1997. This path led me to massage therapy and in 2009 I started school at Universal College of Healing Arts.

Graduating from UCHA as a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2010 marked a pivotal moment, leading to the development of a groundbreaking modality in 2013—a journey I documented in my book, "BodyArt Therapy," published in 2014.

The culmination of my educational pursuits took me to September 2015, when I proudly earned an Associates Degree in Applied Science: Massage. This achievement coincided with the birth of Serenity Massage & Energywork Day Spa, which opened its doors on October 31 of the same year.

In 2016, an extraordinary opportunity awaited me as an LMT for the 2016 USA Olympic Swim Team Trials in Omaha—an honor that was to be repeated in 2020 until the unforeseen arrival of COVID.

Although my journey with aromatherapy commenced in the 1990s, it was in 2018 that I was officially recognized as a Master Clinical Aromatherapist.

Guiding individuals through the transition of crossing over became a significant aspect of my journey, leading me to achieve Death Doula certification from INELDA in 2019.

March of 2020 saw the relocation of our humble business to a small commercial space, where we flourished. Fast forward 18 months, and it became apparent that our growing enterprise had outgrown its confines. In January 2022, we embarked on a new chapter, signing a lease for a larger space. By February of the same year, our luxurious, expansive spa clinic was born—complete with multiple rooms, a couple's massage haven, a spacious retail area, and a lobby that invites serenity.

April of 2022 marked another milestone as we proudly received certification from the state of Iowa as a licensed Hemp Retailer and Dispensary. This exciting avenue enhances the spectrum of wellness services and products we offer to our cherished clients.

January 2023 marked the dawn of an exciting chapter as we embarked on a new and enriching journey with UCHA by partnering with them as a student internship site providing a nurturing space for clinicals while serving as dedicated mentors.


By August 2023, I proudly assumed the role of UCHA's Hydrotherapy instructor, a privilege that underscores our commitment to holistic education and shaping the next generation of wellness practitioners.

My journey has been a tapestry woven with diverse experiences, roles, and passions—a journey that has brought me to the helm of Serenity Massage & Energywork Day Spa, where authenticity, holistic well-being, and transformation converge to shape a harmonious and enriching space for all.

May you find your journey intertwined with ours as we navigate the path of wellness together.

Be Well

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