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Our address:
421 West Broadway
Suite 302
Council Bluffs IA

INSIDE the US Bank building
on the 3rd floor.

Below are photos to guide you to the correct location and to show you where to park. 

See you soon!

Once you arrive at the building, got to the lot in the back. You can park in these locations:


This client Parking Only sign means that is a safe place to park.

If all 5 of those spots are taken. You will have to park on the street.


This is the entrance from the parking lot.


If your booked session is on a Saturday or Sunday, please txt me when you arrive to the parking lot so I can come down and let you in as the building is locked.

20200520_194619 (1).jpg

Once you open the doors, there is a set of inner doors to walk through.


Go through the inner doors and on your left are elevators. Press the UP arrow and once you are in the elevator, select the 3rd floor. 

Step out of the elevator and you will see the bathrooms right in front of you.


Turn towards your left and go to





You have arrived at your destination

Serving the Council Bluffs Omaha Metro Area.