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Business Mission

us bank

Our address:
421 West Broadway
Suite 540
Council Bluffs IA

INSIDE the US Bank building
on the 5th floor.


At Serenity Massage & Energywork Day Spa, we are passionately dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to 'Be Well.' Rooted in our commitment to fostering well-being, our woman-owned Massage Spa Clinic offers a sanctuary where we value the art of listening to our clients and delivering transformative bodywork experiences.

As the largest Spa and massage clinic in Council Bluffs, we take immense pride in maintaining a consistent 5-star rating on Google since 2015. This remarkable distinction stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication and sets us apart as the sole massage spa to achieve such recognition throughout the entire Metro Area. Additionally, we proudly hold the distinction of being a licensed CBD dispensary, offering an array of CBD massage options that are indispensable for effective pain management. Our dedication to holistic wellness extends to our retail offerings, featuring a curated selection of wellness products, including CBD items.

Our comprehensive range of services encompasses both cherished traditional massage modalities—such as Swedish, pregnancy massage, and couples massage—as well as an exquisite array of high-end spa treatments. Embarking on a journey with us means indulging in rejuvenating scrubs, facial massages, masks, and wraps, all enriched with Farmhouse Fresh products.


Our commitment to enhancing well-being goes beyond the physical, as we provide a harmonious fusion of alternative modalities. These include Northern Tradition Shamanic healing, energy balancing, reiki, sound therapy, and the transformative power of crystal work.

At Serenity Massage & Energywork Day Spa, we ensure that each session transcends the ordinary, embodying a personalized experience meticulously tailored to the unique needs of every client. Our dedicated massage therapists artfully nurture the body, soothe the mind, and rejuvenate the spirit, encapsulating our core belief in the profound interconnection between well-being and a purposeful life.

As we embark on this empowering journey together, we invite you to experience the transformation that lies within our tranquil oasis. See you soon as we collectively embrace the philosophy of 'Be Well,' embracing a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit."


Once you arrive at the building, go to the parking lot off of S. main st, in the back. 

This client Parking Only sign means that is a safe place to park.

If all of those spots are taken. You will have to park on the street.

lot entrance sm

This is the entrance from the parking lot.


If your booked session is on a Saturday or Sunday or after 5pm on a weekday, please call 712 256 2131 when you arrive to the parking lot so we can come down and let you in as the building is locked for your security.


Once you open the doors, there is a set of inner doors to walk through.


Go through the inner doors and on your left are elevators. Press the UP arrow and once you are in the elevator, select the 5th  floor. 

When the doors open on the 5th floor- this is what you will see. Turn left

hallway sign

Walk down the hallway from the elevators- Our entrance has our Logo. 

Photo Gallery of our Spa!

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