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With more than a decade of experience as an LMT, Denise George (she/her) brings a wealth of expertise to our practice. Proficient in a variety of massage techniques, including traditional Swedish, Trigger point, and Myofascial massage, Denise adeptly combines her skills to cater to each client's unique needs, resulting in a distinct and effective therapeutic experience. Her touch is both intentional and purposeful, with a primary aim of restoring functionality and well-being.

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Hello there!

Greetings, I'm Denise, and my journey as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) commenced in 2011. My pursuit of excellence led me to the Universal College of Healing Arts in Omaha, where I earned my massage diploma, promptly followed by successfully passing my state boards. A milestone moment occurred in 2015 when I proudly graduated from UCHA with a degree in applied science, specializing in massage.

During my leisure moments, I channel my creativity into crafting an array of delights, embrace the thrill of thrift store adventures, and embark on memorable getaways with my beloved husband.

Eager to embrace growth, I'm thrilled about my upcoming exploration of Bamboo massage and my ongoing pursuit of mastery in myofascial massage. This path has called to me, resonating with my deep desire to extend a helping hand to others. Guided by this calling, I'm dedicated to alleviating pain, reducing stress, and fostering an enhanced sense of overall well-being for those I serve. The magic happens when I synergize the diverse techniques I've acquired, weaving them into a tapestry of relief and rejuvenation.

This career has proven to be truly fulfilling, and I'm overjoyed to be an integral part of the Serenity team—a collective committed to nurturing and healing.

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