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Seasonal Menu- Spring
February 1st- April 30th 

These delicious, skin drenching, body relaxing treatments only come around once a year. Once the season has changed- so do the treatments! This ensure an ever changing and unique menu to choose from- never the same ole same ole!

All products are either small batch- made in house or are high-end products form Farmhouse Fresh- ensuring their quality. 
Seasonal Scents:
Body Butter - Lavender Spice - notes of fresh pressed lavender and warm cinnamon
Salt & Sugar Scrub - Honey Lavender
Infused Hot towels & foot bath - Crème Brule' & Lavender Hibiscus

lavender honey magnolia logo

1 hour session. Let your mind unwind as your back is painted with our Pajama Paste® mask & removed by hot towels and drenched with massage and Honey Magnolia oil. Then legs are massaged with Honey Magnolia oil. Once face up Whipped Honey Sea Salt Scrub to hands and feet leaves your skin feeling as fresh as a flower.  &  wrapped up in steaming lavender hibiscus hot towels. A gloriously fragrant & soothing massage with Honey-Magnolia Oi

a-bright-future logo

50 min Facial massage - Green tea cleanser reveals a clean slate! A spritz of Vitamin Berry toner & then a natural polish called Timescape® unveils silky smooth skin underneath. Let the feel of firm takeover as Mighty Brightly mask tightens & brightens skin, A hand massage with our Seasonal body butter while the mask sits, then Eternal Light illuminating serum. Next, Moon dip ageless face cream hydrates. Then crow catcher eye serum to combat wrinkles. Pink Dust- an illuminating peptide serum is applied to the décolleté to diminish fine lines and deeply hydrate the skin.


1000 Roses sm logo

1 hour Spa session! Roses are natures miracle skin replenisher. Starts with a hand crafted (straight from Maya's rose garden) rose hand & foot scrub.  Followed by & decadent rose body butter. The back is treated to a rose oil infused hot towel compress, Moroccan rose oil body serum and tearose body butter to really hydrate the skin. Finally a facial massage including the décolleté' with 1000 roses from Andalou Naturals cleanser, toner, lustre rose serum and perfect for sun damaged or ageing skin. Finishing with a cool eye pads at the end to reduce eye puffiness. 

Spring Renewal logo

90 min session. Lavender, and honey sugar n salt scrub on the back, hands, and feet to slough off winter's dry skin. Next, Lavender & Honey Milk Bath infused hot towel compress to back, feet & hands. Then Honey Heel Glaze to hydrate the hands & feet. Velvet Sunday Shea body butter from Farmhouse Fresh is used throughout the session to really soak in moisture. Ending with a facial massage using green tea cleanser, a facial toner and kale water moisturizer and eternal light serum to the décolleté.$150

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