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Seasonal Menu- Spring
February 1st- April 30th 

These delicious, skin drenching, body relaxing treatments only come around once a year. Once the season has changed- so do the treatments! This ensure an ever changing and unique menu to choose from- never the same ole same ole!

All products are either small batch- made in house or are high-end products form Farmhouse Fresh- ensuring their quality. 

bee well.jpg

90 minute session. We’ve combined the best of the earth and plants into a total enveloping experience that begins with red Arizona montmorillonite clay and micro pumice that exfoliates back, hands and feet and leaves a smooth, calming feel
in its wake. Next, an age-old peat mud nutrient mask envelops
those areas with green matcha tea, bioactive organic plant matter and minerals to rapidly bring cool relief to skin irritations. Once “plantifully” treated, crème Brule' infused hot towels wrap you up in steamy goodness to remove the mask and you’ re drizzled in a warm honey, aloe and papaya fruit serum that seals in hydration. After an Agave Nectar Oi l massage, skin is plump full of moisture and radiantly retaining a youthful, renewed appearance.


Fall into Wellness Spa Treatment 1 hour


Restorative skin treatment to help with summer sun damage includes Bourbon Bubbler Liquor Infused Body Polish for hands and feet, Followed by our honey glaze steaming foot wrap, massaged throughout with Honey Chai steeped milk lotion and ending with our Chocolate Citrus Decollete treatment.  Don’t put Self Care on the back burner- Book today.



Dry skin is first nourished with compresses of Creme' Brule' milk bath infused towels to prep for a divine Whipped Honey sea salt exfoliation with scrumptious notes of clove and nutmeg envelops your senses. Next, you’ re cocooned into a Texas wildflower honey glaze wrap made to replenish skin with  vital nutrients for glowing skin and allowed to hydrate for 10 minutes. Finally, skin is unwrapped and drinks in an organic cardamom coconut milk lotion with flowing strokes.


Satin Skin SPOOKTACULAR Facial Massage

A gentle green tea and milk cleanser removes dirt and oil from the skin, followed by an aronia fruit and rose water tonic to banish the look of pores! This refreshing

step is followed by a whipped shea butter and sugar microscrub to gently polish and refine. A velvety smooth, cooling active yogurt mask gently tingles, as pores are deep cleaned, tightened, and skin is nourished with raw honey and oats. Next,

a power food serum potent with resveratrol - loving vitamins and antioxidants  is applied. Then, a rich botanical milk and clinical peptide cream begins softening the look of deep wrinkles, while providing a flawlessly hydrated result before an eye perfecting serum soothes and reduces the look of pesky crow’ s feet.


Back to School

Oh My Back! To school 1 hour treatment.
Summer leaving your back tired and sore? Celebrate back to school with some self care. Starting with  hot towels to the back to loosen up those achy muscles, followed by massage with hot stones and cinnamon spice and everything nice warming oil to gently get into the deeper layers. Next hot towels remove the warming oil and a cooling, muscle relieving gel of Biofreeze is applied to help keeps those muscles loosened. Whose ready for after school? YOU are!

pumpkin potion.jpg

Breathe in deeply, then exhale. Delicious notes of spiced pumpkin begin to fill your space, as a sultry soak works its skin-softening magic and leaves feet supple-to-the touch. Next, a decadent sugar scrub, Bourbon Bubbler, is applied that transform feet to feather-soft status. Next, a Vanilla Bourbon body oil and peptide-rich Ageless Body mousse come together in the form of a much kneaded massage. Skin is left silky and hydrated as muscles and tensions are gently massaged – bringing forth ultimate relaxation! This is a seasonal enrichment and cannot be booked by itself.

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