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Wellness in 2023

Brightest of blessings in the new year for you all.

Healing Rituals

Part of the reason we remodeled our lobby was to provide a larger space for our community. Our monthly healing rituals, group sessions and meditations are another, affordable tool for you to use to bring wellness into your life.

Februarys session is on Ancestral Wound Clearing. This is part of shadow work and can be the beginning of clearing out family habits, identifying ancestral trauma, or just getting comfortable with idea. You can read more about it and register HERE.

At the end of each months session, participants will be given a silver leaf to infuse with their wellness intention and tie onto the Faery tree. We hope by years end that this tree will glitter like diamonds with new leaves.

Relaxation at Home

Our Delta 9 wellness products can help unwind from a long days work. Delta 9 is the THC extract from the hemp plant. All of our products are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized consumable hemp products. The THC is 0.3% or less. That being said, it will still give you that euphoric, intoxicated feeling, should not be consumed while working or driving, and you may test positive for a drug test. Delta 9 is completely different from CBD, though some of our products have BOTH. Choose from gummies, chocolate bars, white chocolates singles, chocolate and peanut butter nuggets, cookies cereal bars and coming soon- potato chips, corn chips and cheese puffs.

Faery Tree and Wishing Well

You may have noticed the 9 foot tall tree sculpture Maya created in the waiting area. This was her largest sculpture to date and was created to bring a sense of wonder and peace to the space. the pond is a wish well. Toss a coin in and make a wish. Once a month, the coins will be gathered and donated to either a Women's shelter, Veterans organization or LGBTQIA organization.

We are open 7 days a week now! So stop in and take a look around at the new space! And remember, and you do not need to have an appointment to come in to shop.

See you soon

Be Well


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