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Seasonal Menu- Summer
May 1st 2023 - July 31st 2023

These delicious, skin drenching, body relaxing treatments only come around once a year. Once the season has changed- so do the treatments! This ensure an ever changing and unique menu to choose from- never the same ole same ole!

All products are either small batch- made in house or are high-end products form Farmhouse Fresh- ensuring their quality. 

Saltwater therapy.jpg

1 Hour- Skin over exposed, parched, red or downright sore? Whipped, cooling foam-to-oil mousse that quickly drenches skin in nourishing shea butter esters and provitamin B5: ahhhhsome relief to the rescue! Next, a nourishing cooling mask is painted on to back, shoulders, arms and legs to help refine & repair skin and allowed to sink in. Finally a cool rosemary and mint compress to the back and face. A tropical massage with juicy notes of a lime and coconut body milk Citrine Beach moisturizer, filled with 8 natural oils, seals in all the delightfulness!
from $130 to $135


90 minutes! Begin with a succulent shea butter and sugar coconut scrub to refine and prep skin for what’s in store! A powerful Sunflower Honey Butter Serum, rich in vitamin A and antioxidant s, is painted on to help skin deeply repair itself,
improving the appearance and health of skin as retinol fights against the signs of aging. All of this is wrapped in a steaming towel compress, infused with a heavenly sea salt mineral Epsom salt blend — to aid in detoxifying and relaxing sore muscles. The final touch is a scrumptiously scented lotion with soothing notes of cucumber, massaged in to nourish skin completely.

from $150- $160

citrus gelee.jpg

90 minutes! Citrine Beach infused hot towels steam wrap arms, legs, and back. Scrub arms, legs and back with Sunny Dippin Body Polish to reveal smooth summer ready skin then more hot towels to remove the polish afterwards Smoothe Reveal resurfacing body serum with a summer citrus tang scent, and tangerine dream body oil throughout - its giving Summer!


Proud of that Grad!

Graduation is the end and beginning of one's path. It took hard work, dedication and sacrifice to make it happen! Show that grad how proud you are of them and give them some much needed wellness. 1 hour massage with infused Hot towels to the back to ease the stress of finals away, aromatherapy throughout, a steaming infused foot wrap finishing with honey heel glaze to lock in the moisture. From $100 to $105

Lime so gleaming_edited.jpg

Adds 20minutes to session. Dip into creamy, coconut milk bath foot soak, made to nourish and comfort even the most sensitive of skin types! Next, a delicious sugar whipped polish ‘Lime So Fine’ from Farmhouse Fresh transforms feet to feathery-soft status, followed by a whipped honey glaze.

Add this onto any session! Not available buy itself. 


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