Reiki level 1 June 27th 9am to 5pm
$100 - 7 hands on ceu hours includes omnivore lunch

Reiki energywork: Through the use of this technique, practitioners channel universal life energy (i.e., reiki) through the palms. In Reiki level 1, you will become 'attuned' to this energy and taught how to allow it to flow through you. You will be given the 1st Reiki symbol. You will learn how to incorporate this into a massage and why you might choose to do that. 

Is the amount I'm asking much cheaper than others? Yes. While there needs to be a transfer of energy (money) to honor the teaching, it does NOT have to so high that many people cannot afford it. Reiki should be available to all. THAT is why I charge what I do for level 1. 

Please bring with you a closed container for your beverage, a set of sheets, your lotion or oil, a towel and wear comfortable clothes.

for reiki level 1