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We are back!

and my goodness are there some exciting things to talk about!


The new location is in the same building but on the 5th floor. Suite 540. It has multiple rooms including a couple’s massage room. It has a great retail and lobby space as well. This will make us one of, if not THE, biggest spa clinic in town.

We are also changing platforms from Massage Book to Vagaro. All of your information from Massage book was transferred, so the email you had no file with us is the one we now have on file with the new platform. You can go to to set up an account.

Any store credits, prepaid massages and gift certificates have been moved from Massage Book to Vagaro. You will See them in the Gift Certificates section of your profile.


We now have memberships! Memberships at Serenity are different from other massage and wellness clinics. You sign up for a 3 MONTH, 6 MONTH, YEARLY or LIFETIME membership for a fee. You are charged ONCE (or twice for the 6 month plan) . From that point on until your membership expires (if it does) massages (and retail if applicable) are discounted by the percentage for your plan. This does NOT auto renew so you will never be charged when you are not expecting it.

This kind of membership is better than most because you are not charged a monthly fee that you may forget you signed up for, you will not accrue a bunch of massages that you have paid for but will never use and it saves you money on almost everything we offer. While our prices have gone up - these memberships put the price back down to where it was (or less) when I first started out. The more massages you get- the better the savings are!


3 Month fee is $40 – gets 20% all massages

Example: 1 hr massage regularly $70 – 20% =$56 for the session.

6-month fee is $70 – gets 25% off all massages

Example 1 hr massage regularly $70 – 25% =$52.50 for the session.

Yearly fee is $130 – gets 25% off all massages PLUS 1 free gift certificate to someone else per year And 5% off retail

Lifetime fee is $500 – gets 30% off all massages PLUS 1 free gift certificate for someone else per year and 10% off retail- including sale items.

Example = 1 hr hour massage regularly $70 – 30% = 49.00 for the session.

A further change is that we now offer couples massages. You have been asking for this one for years. With the new space we are very happy to say we can now offer these as staff is available.

Additional changes you will see:

A new phone number- is 712 256 2131

My name changed. You can still call me Julia however I am embracing my ancestral roots and using Maya from now on. I will answer to either name, but if booking online- I’m Maya!

New waiting area! No more sitting in the car until your appointment is due- however, Strict COVID protocols are enforced.

There will be classes available for all to take- curious about Essential oils? Learn here! Want to become a reiki practitioner? Take our class!


Crafted by Maya our master clinical Aromatherapist under the brand name Be Well.Products like essential oils blends, bath salts, scrubs and more- all with a specific goal towards wellness.

Points System!!

We have a new points system! For every dollar you spend you get 1 point. Once you have saved enough points you can use those points to redeem goods and services.

We are hiring!

We are still looking for some more LMTs- only the best massage therapists out there!

We are so excited to see you all in the new spa clinic! Thank you for being the best clients a business could ask for. I truly appreciate you. Maya


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