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Give Jaci a try!

We know that you will LOVE our newest therapist, Jaci. We also know that trying new things is sometimes worrisome. "Will i get the same level of service i received before"? etc. This is why we created this new service and discount to entice you to give her a try. She is truly the best therapist that has ever put hands on me- coming from me- that is saying a lot. (By the way- the answer is YES, you will receive the same level of service!)

So use the code


on our New Adventure service for 35% off this service. It is a 1 hour customized massage with focused hot stones, aromatherapy and our exfoliating foot scrub and body butter.

Normally $110, with the code it is only $71.50 You get a great deal with a amazing therapist. One per client.


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