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 Jaci (Jack-ee) (she/her)- the lead massage therapist at Serenity Massage & Energywork Day Spa. Jaci interned with us when she was going through massage therapy school and we knew then we wanted her on staff after she graduated. She ticks ALL the boxes for being the type of massage therapist we want: talented, good listener, learns new modalities on a regular basis, responsible, trustworthy and then some. Read about her story below and then give her a try- you will be glad you did. 

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My name is Jaci (pronounced Jack-ee) and I’m the lead LMT at Serenity. When I’m not working in the clinic I am most often at home, either curled up playing video games or reading a book with my Great Dane and Great Pyrenees or prepping for game nights with my friends. I also enjoy getting out of town for camping events with friends and community and the occasional convention.

Massage Therapy was always an area of interest. It wasn’t until my best friend became a Massage Therapist though that I decided to pursue a career in Massage Therapy. I was able to see how I could help others while being able to live the sort of life I wanted to live where I could focus on my personal and spiritual growth.


Pregnancy massage is one of my favorite techniques. I know from personal experience how much wear and tear pregnancy can put on the body and being able to safely assist someone in being able to relax and recover from some of the demands on the body is a privilege.  I would say in the same vein, geriatric massage is a technique I consider to be a favorite. I try to impart the same care to my clients as I would hope someone would use with my own elders. Both practices also offer the benefits of dealing with the aches and pains of the human journey we all share, making the journey a little more comfortable for my clients.

The thing I like most about being a Massage Therapist, besides being able to have fun hair, is having the sort of job where people are always happy to see you.

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