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Continuing education classes
for massage therapists, bodyworkers and energyworkers

Classes and CEUs range from 3.5 hours, to 1 and 2 days events.

for 7 hour or longer classes, typically herbal tea and water is provided and an omnivore lunch is served. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know upon registering for any class.

Serving the Council Bluffs Omaha Metro Area

2023 schedule

Compassionate Touch - End of Life Massage

hand massage.jpg

April 30th 2023 9am to 6pm


8 hands on CEU hours.

includes omnivore catered lunch
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Council Bluffs - Convention Center 2211 S 32nd St,
Council Bluffs, IA 51501

NCTBMB approval in process


Of all the populations bodyworks can connect with, those facing the end of their life are the ones that need us the most. This underserved population is many times devoid of physical touch for a variety of reasons. 


For many bodyworkers it is simply that they do not realize that the dying person can benefit from bodywork, that the comfort this type of massage brings to the dying person will help lessen suffering physically, mentally and emotionally- not just for the dying person but their entire support system and family. In other words- there is work to be done here.

Is this modality for everyone? No. but for those that follow this path, it is humbling, rewarding and gives new life into a, perhaps stagnant, work life. 

Learning Objectives:
1. Students will practice adapting Swedish massage to accommodate end of life.

2. Students will practice adapting other bodywork modalities to accommodate end of life.

3. Students will practice draping

4. students will practice positioning with pillows etc to accommodate clients in hospital beds and chairs.

5. Students will practice and demonstrate proper body mechanics necessary for providing bodywork in a hospital bed or chair. 

6. Students will learn each of the 9 energy centers of the body.

7. Students will learn how Reiki differs from other forms of bodywork and how it may be helpful to end of life.

8. students will list the stages of death and what they physically look like and explain what is happening to the body.

Learning Outcomes:


1. Appropriate adaptation of Swedish massage to accommodate end of life. 

2. Appropriate adaptation of other bodywork modalities to accommodate end of life. 

3. Draping while in a hospital bed or chair

4. Positioning of the client while in a hospital bed or chair

5. Proper body mechanics when proving bodywork to a client in a hospital bed or chair. 

6. Understanding of the death processes of the body and how that may impact bodywork

7. The role energywork can have on end of life with therapeutic hands on application

8. Understand the emotional connection massage can have at the end of life.

9. Understanding the impact massage can have on the family and or support group of the dying person. 

10. Gain insight and perspective on the mental state of the dying. 

Holiday Inn express convention room.jpg

The convention center room is large, has a sink and counter space for handwashing, and  a large screen for power point presentations.

Across the hall are complimentary water, tea and coffee.

When we pause for our two 15 minute breaks and our half hour lunch, relax in the dining room. There is a large fireplace and a waterfall to help decompress some of the big stuff we will walk through. 

Holiday Inn express dining.jpg
Maya july 2022 sm.jpg

Your instructor is rev. J. Maya Ravensong-Lawrence- CEO of Serenity Massage & Energywork Day Spa. She/they are a Licensed massage therapist for over a decade, an ordained Priestess of the Old Gods, a Northern Tradition Shamanic practitioner, an artist, a Reiki master, an author, educator, ritual facilitator, workshop presenter for over 25 years , a death doula, and a clinical aromatherapist. 

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