Continuing education classes
for massage therapists, bodyworkers and energyworkers

Classes and CEUs range from 3.5 hours, to 1 and 2 days events.

for 7 hour or longer classes, typically herbal tea and water is provided and an omnivore lunch is served. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know upon registering for any class.

Serving the Council Bluffs Omaha Metro Area

2023 schedule


4 hands on ceu hours. 
TBA 2023  12PM TO 4PM

Reiki attunement LEVEL 1: Students are 'attuned' to the universal life energy so they can become a conduit for it. Attunement is where the 1st reiki symbol is 'written' into your auric field. This class then teaches the student how to open the channel for universal life energy (i.e., reiki) to flow through them. You will be given the 1st Reiki symbol, learn the history of Reiki, have practice time, learn how Reiki works 9and what it does NOT do) and how to incorporate this into a massage practice.

limited to 9.

2023 schedule

foundations in aromatherapy 1
April 30th 2023 9am to 6pm

8 hands on ceu hours. includes omnivore lunch, and supplies

Learn what you need to know to safely offer deeper levels of healing to your clients.


Aromatherapy is a powerful modality to incorporate into your bodywork practice. Doing so safely and successfully is the focus of this workshop.  Understanding why quality and safety are critical issues for both you and your clients will empower your practice. 

In this hands on class you will: Get acquainted with 10 essential oils, receive descriptions of therapeutic properties, actions, application methods, and learn the basics of therapeutic blending.


You will create your own custom blend, learn how to store essential oils and blends. Gain knowledge of which essential oils and techniques are DANGEROUS and which are highly effective. You will also be taught how to find, evaluate and purchase quality essential oils without breaking the bank and how to spot fake ones. 

If you want to provide essential oil massage to your clients safely but do NOT want to go all the way to certification, THIS is the class you need. 

*If you want lvl 1 certification as an aromatherapist- this is the first class of three you will need to take. See our page on becoming a Certified Aromatherapist for more information. *