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Monthly Healing Circles

Guided meditations, sound bath with crystal singing bowls, intention setting, shamanic healing, energywork, shadow work, crystal work and more all to support the body, mind, spirit wellness and move into a more balanced state. Can help cleanse the aura or energy fields and bring them into balance. Can be deeply relaxing and aids in stress relief. 
At end of each session we have tea, honey and a small snack.
Be Well.

Fall Tokens

Cost: $9 per person 

Where: Serenity Massage & Energywork Day Spa


Circles start again November 05 2023!

Release and Compost
In this guided journey, we will go within and release the ties that bind us to things that no longer serve our highest good. Whether this be people, places, events, our own intrusive thoughts or ancestral trauma. 

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