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certified aromatherapist

Becoming a certified aromatherapist is no easy task: but it is one that is fulling and will add value to the services you offer your clients. 

You do not NEED to become certified in aromatherapy to offer aromatherapy services to your clients. Legally, you do not even need to take a single class on essential oils or aromatherapy to offer those services and products to your clients.

But I hope you will. For your clients safety- you NEED some training in essential oils and aromatherapy before you start using them on clients. I do NOT mean the type of training you get from popular MLM essential oil companies. Their goal in those classes is not education- but sales. sales to YOU and to show you what to say to others to generate more sales. they teach dangerous methods.  

Getting training from reputable aromatherapists so lets your clients know you take this complementary therapy seriously. That you put time, effort, and money into this path so you can offer them quality products and services and you have the KNOWLEDGE and skill to do so SAFELY.

If all you want is the basics of Essential Oils, then you can take our Aromatherapy Essentials Class. It provides 3 hours of continuing education hours (not hands on) and will give you the basics on essentials oils. This is not an extensive course but should keep you from harming your clients and give you some need basic understanding of aromatherapy.


This is good for the people who are good at at extrapolating data and who will READ the recommended books. This is NOT the class for those who want to become certified, those who want in-depth information provided to them DURING the class, or those who cannot read often dry text books.

You can also take any or all of these three classes and NOT do the extra work required for certification. You journey is up to YOU and what works best for your practice. 

certification requirements by national association of holistic aromatherapy


To get your level 1 certification through the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, you need 50 hours of education that includes:

•Introduction to the history of Aromatherapy

•Profiles of 20 Essential Oils

•Minimum 5 case studies

•Production and Quality of Essential Oils

•Basic Physiology— to include: methods of absorption, general overview of olfaction, the limbic system, the lymphatic system, the immune system, and the skin

•How essential oils interact on physical and emotional levels

•Basic essential oil chemistry with contraindications of certain essential oils

•How to create/design an effective blend

•Coverage of various carrier oils,

•Methods of application

Safety issues (including dermal, respiratory, internal)

•Quality of essential oils
• Production and methods of extraction (distillation, cold pressing/expression, enfleurage, absolute, CO2 extraction)
• Basic physiological effects of essential oils: methods of absorption, overview of olfaction and the limbic system, the skin, and the immune system
• How essential oils interact on physical and emotional levels
• Basic essential oil chemistry with contraindications of certain essential oils
• How to create/design an effective blend
• Diluents such as vegetable oils and other carrier bases
• Methods of application (inhalation, diffusion, topical, optional: internal)
• Safety issues (including dermal, respiratory, internal)
• Legal, ethical, privacy issues (include a copy of the NAHA Code of Ethics)

The Level 1 hour requirement applies to existing health professionals such as: Massage Therapists, Estheticians, Herbalists, Nurses, Physicians, etc.


Students who are not existing health professionals have an additional requirement to provide proof of completion of Anatomy & Physiology 1 from an accredited institution, or the equivalent class taken from a NAHA approved school.

•Anatomy & Physiology Level 1 is a 3-4 credit undergraduate class which typically covers: Tissue & The Integumentary System; Skeleton, Joints & The Skeletal System; Muscle, Muscle Tissue & The Muscular System; Nervous Tissue & The Central Nervous System, The Peripheral Nervous System, The Autonomic Nervous System; The Endocrine System; Cellular Structure & Types, Basic Chemistry. Many universities and colleges offer this course in classroom and on line. 1 credit usually = 15 hours.

If your ultimate goal is to become a Certified Aromatherapist then you need all three classes we offer plus an Anatomy and Physiology course, plus research and case studies for a total of 50 hours.


You get 21 hours in these classes. There is about 14 hours of case studies and then your Anatomy and Physiology course makes up the rest of the 50 hours.  If you have not taken an Anatomy and Physiology course (either as a part of your massage training or otherwise) you will need to complete that before you can gain your certification.

This is an educational class. You will NOT be sold oils, or asked to join a multi level marketing scheme. Essential oils are not cheap but they also do not require you to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to get started.

You will be able to: Demonstrate knowledge of 10 essential oils, including Latin binomial, safety information, and key therapeutic and/or energetic properties of each individual essential oil.

Oils covered in this class are Lavender Roman Chamomile Marjoram Rosemary Ginger Peppermint Eucalyptus Frankincense Cypress Lemon - the first 10 needed for certification.

You will learn: Aromatherapy history, production, testing for quality techniques, hands on time trading aromatherapy massage, safety, and recipes.

You will also start developing your ‘nose’, and intake procedures plus learn the beginning of blending, for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual purposes.   

This class is the prerequisite for Foundations in Aromatherapy II and III.  if certification through us is the goal. 



Paid pre-registration includes supplies, light breakfast and an omnivore lunch. Walk-ins are welcome but they may not receive lunch or supplies. 

In this hands on class you will: Get acquainted with 10 essential oils, receive descriptions of therapeutic properties, actions, application methods, and learn the basics of therapeutic blending. You will create your own custom blend, learn how to store essential oils and blends. Gain knowledge of which essential oils and techniques are DANGEROUS and which are highly effective. You will also be taught how to find, evaluate and purchase quality essential oils without breaking the bank.

Bottles of Essential Oil

foundations in aromatherapy I

7.5 hands on ceu hours
next session march 2023

foundations in aromatherapy II and iii

7.5 hands on ceu hours
next session TBA

about your instructor

Rev. Julia Lawrence is an Priestess of the Old Gods, an artist, Reiki master, massage therapist and has been an aromatherapist since 1991. She graduated massage therapy school in 2010, published a book on a new massage modality (BodyArt Therapy) in 2014, received her A.S in massage in September 2015, open her massage clinic (Serenity Massage & Energywork LLC) in Council Bluffs IA in October of 2015, received her Master Clinical Aromatherapist certification in 2018 and in 2019 received her Death Doula certification. She has taught continuing education classes, workshops, and online seminars for decades on shamanic practices, massage, energywork, body art and aromatherapy.

A note from Julia: I  choose to charge much less than others for my classes because I  understand how costly aromatherapy education and CEU's in general can be. The more affordable the classes are, the more people can afford to be educated. Moreover, the world wants enough money from us as it is. I see no reason to over charge people.

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