MRSA and Thyme

MRSA and Thyme

Now, researchers at the Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands in Greece have found that plant oils are a powerful weapon against multi-drug-resistant staphylococcus aureas or MRSA, a bacterium that causes hospital-acquired infections and is dangerous because it frequently does not respond to a range of antibiotics.

Thyme – a spice frequently used in Mediterranean cooking – killed almost all of the bacterium in a petri dish within an hour.  Almost as effective was cinnamon oil.

it is not know which Thyme was used- there are many and the chemical ‘makeup’ of each one is notably different.

Some Thyme can inhibit blood clotting.
Some Thymes can cause skin irritation.

Thyme is an incredibly skin reacting essential oil. It is not recommended for use on the skin in an undiluted form – (no matter what company that sells oils tells you- it’s NOT safe).

1% dilution is considered safe.

That being said, it is useful in a diluted form

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