Different Massage Modalities

Different Massage Modalities

There are literally hundreds of massage modalities (styles or types) out there. Finding the one that works best for you and your goals is ideal. If you received a deep tissue massage and you were wincing and gripping the table in pain, it was hard to breathe and you just could not wait for the massage to get over.. THAT modality is not right for you. If, on the other hand, you were saying ‘Yesssss, GET IT!” then it is just what you needed.

If the therapist applied indirect MFR Myofascial Release techniques on you (lots of holding a gentle rocking of the tissue) and all you could think of was ‘when are they going to DO something” then that modality is not right for you. If, however, yo breathed deeply and found your body letting go of all the tension- then that was perfect for you.

So how do you know before you shell out lots of money?

Two things.

1. Communication. LOTS of communication. Most therapists are well versed in several if not many modalities. Talk to them about your goals, your pain tolerance, your body (does it bruise easy?) whether you wan a ‘yummy’ massage where you relax or if you want them to ‘dig in’.

if your therapist is trying to push a modality on you, listen and see if their reasoning is solid. If it is not, find a different therapist. Just because they are licensed does not mean they are a great therapist.

2. Education. Do some research ahead of time. Read up on how the different techniques are applied and what they do to the body.

Then go forth and find your therapist.

Be. Well.

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